Internet videoconferencing system that enables real-time sharing of sound, camera image, videos, presentations, whiteboard or computer screen.

BBB works on any device (computer, tablet, phone) and on any modern browser (chrome, firefox, Edge). Anytime, anywhere.

BigBlueButton has built-in integrations with all major Learning Management Systems (LMS) including Canvas, Jenzabar, Moodle, Sakai, and Schoology. It also supports Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.0 for integration with other LMS systems (such as Blackboard and D2L). – It can be integrated with CMS Drupal, WordPress.

We offer the implementation of the system on our own servers, caring for the system, conference assistance and 1 hour training in the use of the platform.

Najważniejsze funkcje BBB:

  • Video: Sharing camera image, showing own desktop, drawing on the whiteboard, or viewing a presentation.

  • Audio: high-quality low-latency audio

  • Table:  draw, save, blur and redraw

  • Presentations: Sharing presentations and discussing them slide by slide.
  • Desktop sharing: Sharing the view from an application or browser.
  • Chat: discussing with the audience and answering questions that arise during the meeting
  • Record sessions for later playback

Perfect solution for teachers / trainers!

There are four main using cases for student involvement:

  • Private lessons/ virtual office hours

  • Flipped classroom

  • Group collaboration

  • Full online classes